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Irrigation system

Introduction What is an irrigation an irrigation system and what is it used for? The sprinkler system is used to water lawns, shrubs, trees and flower beds with undemanding plants. How it works: An irrigation element is installed on the lawn – it is called a sprinkler with a special attachment – a nozzle. During […]

Automatic lawn irrigation

Introduction A well-groomed and green lawn is the dream of many garden owners. An important prerequisite for this is sufficient watering. But often there is not enough time to water the lawn regularly, or you simply forget to do it. An automatic lawn watering system offers a solution here. This allows you to water the […]

Buy irrigation system

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Buy irrigation system in Berlin and Brandenburg What you need to know Do you love flowers, green lawns and travel? Then how can you combine the care of your plants with a coveted trip to the sea? The problem is solved quite simply: you just need to entrust the watering of your plants to an […]